Garage Sales

Garage sale permits can be obtained in person at 211 N Henry (City Hall) during normal business hours. You must be a resident of Lancaster and provide proof of residency (i.e. I.D. with current address or utility bill).

Please note:

  1. No fee is required.
  2. A permitted garage sale shall be limited to three (3) consecutive days in length for each sale.
  3. You may only hold a sale once every six (6) months.
  4. Signage shall be limited to one (1 ) sign on the property where the sale is located. Maximum size two (2) square feet. (no additional signage allowed)
  5. Garage sales to be held at applicants place of residence. No sales allowed on commercial property or vacant lots.
  6. Permit shall be posted and visible.
  7. A garage sale permit application may be found here.
Garage Sale