Development Services Department

The Development Services Department is a 1-stop-shop for builders, developers and residents, consisting of the following divisions:

Rental Registration Program

Call 972-218-1200 for more information regarding Rental Registration Program.

Development Handbook

 Fostering a vibrant, thriving economy is critical to the future of our great city. Our local government officials are working to nurture small business, encourage entrepreneurship, advance commerce, and create jobs. The City of Lancaster offers many tools for those seeking to generate economic development and opportunities. As a service to all interested parties, the City of Lancaster has published a Development Handbook, which compiles the city’s development laws and standards. This Handbook is intended to help make the development process easier to navigate. Thank you for your interest in economic development and the laws that help foster financial growth and opportunity. Together, we can ensure our great city is ripe with economic opportunity.

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