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Special Event Application

  1. Please complete the Special Event Application below and read City Ordinance #2004-06-18 governing Special Events in the City of Lancaster. All special events in city limits are to be accompanied by City approval and the completion of this application. Completed Application and Permit Fee are due 30 days before event date. A Late Fee will be added if Application and Permit Fee are received less than 30 days before event date. Application submittal does not guarantee permit approval. Should you have any questions, please call 972-218-1300 or email
  2. Applicant Information
    Please complete your information.
  3. Organization Hosting Event
    Please complete your organization's information.
  4. Basic Event Information
  5. 501c3 Group (Non-Profit Status)*
  6. Proof of non-profit status?
  7. Will there be food trucks?*
  8. Will any public streets be closed?*
  9. Will alcoholic beverages be sold or provided?*
  10. Will toilet facilities be provided?*
  11. Will merchandise be sold?*
  12. Street Barricades Requested?*
  13. Cones Requested?*
  14. Barricades may be checked out, picked up and returned to the Streets Division, Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. at 700 E. Main Street.
  15. * Fire Personnel with ambulance services requested?*
  16. If yes, what assistance is needed from the Lancaster Fire Department?*
  17. * Police Officer(s) Visit Requested?*
  18. * Police and Fire subject to availability due to calls for service
  19. Event Location*
  20. Will food be served?*
  21. Will food be consumed by the general public?*
  22. Will animals be involved in the event?*
  23. Is this event open to the public or immediate residents only?*
  24. A permit is required for the following:*
    Please check all that apply to your event.
  25. *** Reference the City of Lancaster Master Fee Schedule for permit fees at
  26. Alcoholic Beverages

    Applicants must obtain permit from the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) when alcoholic beverages will be consumed.

  27. Event Site Plans

    A site plan including desired placement of barricades, cones, cookers, food trucks, parking, event items, etc. must be submitted with the special event application for all events.

  28. Site Clean-Up
    Site clean up is the responsibility of the applicant and must be completed immediately after or within 24 hours of the event.
  29. Certificate of Insurance (COI)
    Please see sample certificate for minimum limits of insurance requirements.
  30. Tents
    Any tent above 10 x 20 requires a permit approved by the Fire Marshal's office. A certificate of flame proofing must be provided to the City.
  31. Street Barricades
    Barricades or parked cars should not prevent accessibility by emergency vehicles to the location in the event of an emergency. If possible, the event should take place in a cul-de-sac or dead end street, and not on a through street.
  32. Electrical Equipment
    Electrical equipment must be installed, operated and maintained in a manner that does not create a hazard to life or property. All new electrical or related work performed must meet the current codes of the City of Lancaster. All electrical devices must be properly grounded to ensure safe operations. Permits and inspections are required. Extension cords must have overcurrent protection.
  33. Neighborhood Notification
    An attempt should be made to notify all neighbors of the block party in order to minimize conflicts. If the block party is to be held in a cul-de-sac, it will be necessary to circulate a petition obtaining the approval of the homeowners residing in the cul-de-sac. The signed petition should be submitted with the application. Parties may not continue past 10:00 p.m. due to the possible disturbance to neighbors.
  34. Signage & Temporary Banners
    Non-profit organizations may erect temporary off-premise signs which refer to an activity or function of the organization. Such sign shall not be erected for more than ten (10) days. No sign shall be placed within the City which refers to the activity or function for more than sixty (60) days. Signs shall not exceed six (6) square feet in effective area. City Ordinance does not allow for signage in rights-of-way. NO sign will be allowed within any street median. A permit shall be required for these signs. Non-profit organizations shall be permitted to erect one (1) temporary banner sign at a business location two (2) times per calendar year. Such signs shall be erected a maximum fourteen (14) days for each permit. A permit for such a sign shall not be issued within thirty (30) days of the date that any temporary banner sign was erected at the occupancy. The effective area for such signs shall not exceed (40) square feet.
  35. I, the undersigned, hereby confirm that the information stated above is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.
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