Collection Information

Regular trash is picked up weekly in the City of Lancaster. The GRAY trash carts are designated for regular trash. The new recycling carts are BLUE. For residents with alley's, the trash and recycling carts are picked up in the rear of the home.  An informative brochure can be accessed HERE.

          Trash Carts       TrashCarts

Holiday Service Schedule

CWD observes three (3) holidays a year:

  1. New Years Day
  2. Thanksgiving Day
  3. Christmas Day
Service will resume the following day.

Industrial companies

Industrial companies within city limits may select one of the following solid waste providers for removal and disposal of their waste:

  • Community Waste Disposal (CWD)
  • Evergreen Companies
  • Moore Disposal, Inc.
  • Republic Services
  • HD Waste & Recycling, LLC
  • Custom Recycling Solutions, LLC
  • Dallas Waste Disposal
  • Champion Waste Services, LLC
CWD has the sole and exclusive right to provide solid waste and refuse collection, removal and disposal services and the collection of recyclables for the Residential and Commercial customers within the service area of the City. 

Should you have any further questions, please contact us at 972-218-1300.