Jury Service

Jury service is an obligation of citizenship that is essential to the judicial process.  It is an opportunity for you to make a meaningful contribution to ensure that justice is provided in our community.

Why is Jury Service Important?

The United States Constitution and the Texas Constitution guarantee all people, regardless of race, religion, sex, national origin, or economic status, the right to trial by an impartial jury. Justice ultimately depends to a large measure upon the quality of the jurors who serve in our courts.

What is My Duty As A Juror?

As a juror, you must be fair and impartial. Your actions and decisions must be free of any bias or prejudice. Your actions and decisions are the foundation of our judicial system.

How Was I Selected?

You were selected at random by the municipal clerk from public information listings.

What Kind of Case Will I Hear?

Municipal courts preside over criminal fine-only misdemeanor cases that arise under state statute or municipal ordinance.

A criminal case results when a person is accused of committing a crime. You, as a juror, must decide whether the person charged is guilty or not guilty. The accused person is presumed innocent; and the state, represented in municipal court by the city attorney or deputy city attorney, must prove guilt “beyond a reasonable doubt.”

Who Can Have A Jury Trial?

Any person charged with a criminal offense has a right to a jury trial.

What is the penalty for failing to appear or files a false claim of exemption?

Any person summoned who fails to attend or who fails to remain in attendance until discharged by the Court may be fined an amount not to exceed $100 for contempt (Code of Criminal Procedure, Article 45.027). A person shall be fined not less than $100 nor more than $500 if the person: (1) fails to attend court in obedience to this summons without reasonable excuse; or (2) files a false claim of exemption from jury service (Government Code, Section 62.111; see also Code of Criminal Procedure, Article 35.01). A person who fails to comply with this summons, or who knowingly provides false information in a request for an exemption or to be excused from jury service, is subject to a contempt action punishable by a fine of not less than $100 nor more than $1,000 (Government Code, Section 62.0141).


This information is needed for the jury selection process. Please complete the form and bring it with you when you report for jury service. Generally, your jury service will be for no longer than one day.

The Judge of the Municipal Court recognizes that jury service entails an imposition on the citizens called for jury service. In order to minimize the burden caused by your jury service, report promptly at the date and time indicated on the enclosed JUROR INFORMATION form.

Additional Court Parking is available at the Visitors Center located at 103 N Dallas Ave.

We hope that you will find the opportunity to serve to be a pleasant and rewarding experience. Your service as a juror is appreciated.