Doing Business with the City

Doing Business with Lancaster

The Purchasing Division is committed to obtaining the most desirable goods and services needed to meet the city’s operational needs at the lowest possible cost, delivered in a timely manner, and in compliance with all city policies and applicable State of Texas laws. Further information may be obtained here.

City of Lancaster employees authorized to make purchases are required to obtain a purchase order prior to placing an order for goods or services. Payment for goods and services received are made by 2 methods. The first is by the use of a Purchase Order issued by the Purchasing Department. The second is by use of a City Procurement Card issued by Chase Bank MasterCard.

Vendor List

Vendors interested in participating in any invitation to bid (ITB), request for qualification (RFQ), or quote must register as a vendor through the City's e-bid system.

Bidding Procedures

City of Lancaster advertises all Invitations to Bid and Requests for Proposals in the Focus Daily News. The total value of each bid is estimated at $50,000 or more.

Bids may be obtained through the City of Lancaster Purchasing website. Vendors must register prior to obtaining specifications. There are no fees to use the e-bid system or to receive automatic notices.

All bids are processed electronically and are opened electronically at the designated closing date and time. 

Division Policy

Our policy is intended to:

  • Cooperate with suppliers and consider possible difficulties they may encounter
  • Give all suppliers full, fair, prompt, and courteous consideration
  • Keep competition open and fair
  • Observe strict truthfulness and highest ethics in all transactions and correspondence
  • Solicit supplier suggestions in the determination of clear and adequate specifications and standards

Qualified Product List

The City of Lancaster maintains no preferential supplier or product lines. However, for certain products, the city may establish a qualified product list. This ensures the product purchased meets or exceeds certain minimum standards, but does not limit or provide for preferential suppliers.