Code of Ethics

Ethics General Information
Funds are entrusted to the City of Lancaster by the public. It is imperative that all transactions committing City of Lancaster funds observe the highest standard of ethics throughout the procurement process to ensure public trust.

Standard Practice
The City of Lancaster procurement process must allow vendors/contractors to compete for business on a fair, equal and transparent basis. Staff associated with the procurement function are responsible for protecting the integrity of the procurement process and maintaining fairness in the treatment of all vendors/contractors.

The standard of conduct for all staff involved in procurement is to safeguard against conflicts of interest which may compromise the integrity and objectivity of the City of Lancaster.

  • During the pre-solicitation phase, staff must not allow vendors/contractors access to information, whether technical, financial or any other nature before such information is available at large.
  • Further staff may not use unnecessary restrictive specifications, statements of work or terms of reference that may discourage competition;
  • Staff having a financial interest in a solicitation, are prohibited from any involvement in the procurement process.
  • Staff having a personal or professional interest, are prohibited from any involvement in the procurement process.
  • Staff may not disclose proprietary, quote or bid information, tabulation results to any individual other than such authorized to receive information, at any time prior to the selection and award process.
  • Staff maintaining a conflict of interest or potential conflict should notify the Purchasing Agent prior to starting the bid process.