Park Rules

Park Rules & Regulations
  • Park Hours: from dawn till dusk.
  • Pavilion rentals available by calling 972-218-3700.
  • Motorized vehicles permitted in designated parking areas and drives only.
  • Alcoholic beverages are prohibited.
  • Smoking and the use of all tobacco products shall be prohibited within the confines of any city park, athletic facility or any enclosed park facility.
  • Glass containers are prohibited in park.
  • Riding horses upon park grounds prohibited, except in specifically areas designated for such purpose.
  • Pets must be on leash. No pets shall be permitted within any playground area or where any organized activity is being conducted.
  • Golfing is prohibited in park.
  • No Swimming, Wading or Bathing in any fountain, pond, lake, stream or other body of water.
Please Use Litter Containers
Ordinance No. 2008-02-07 - Sec.16.102, Sec. 16.104, Sec. 16.118