About the Parks Division

Lancaster Parks Division is committed to providing safe, clean, accessible facilities and services to the community. Charged with the management and stewardship of more than 600 acres of public land, including some significant and rare natural areas, our goal is to protect and sustain these areas for future generations.

Energy Efficiency

The incorporation of energy efficient practices in all facets of park operations and management is vital to the future of the parks system.

The Helen Giddings Amphitheater in Lancaster Community Park

The Amphitheater in Lancaster Community Park was completed in September of 2013, and named after State Representative Helen Giddings of District 109. It provides a visually pleasing outdoor space for residents to enjoy performances and city events like the Fourth of July and Juneteenth celebrations. The Amphitheater has the natural seating area that overlooks the water, so it is an excellent place for citizens to sit, read a book, and look over the waters.